Good Dogs For Kids?

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What are good dogs for kids? You will want to research a breed before you choose a dog. When determining a good dog for your family, take time to get educated.

Even if you are getting a mutt, it has a dominate breed. If you are getting the dog from an owner ask who is the father. If you are getting it from the Humane Society ask about the breeds.They can offer suggestions about good dogs for kids.

Some large dogs like Golden Retrievers are good dogs for kids as a rule. Some small dogs are not so good, A chihuahua is not a good kid dog. Great Danes are friendly but large and awkward so you want to make sure they won't trip your child or knock them over. Some small dogs will snap and bite children, others will protect them greatly.

The breed is important, but some dogs just have personalities that go beyond the breed. We had a Boston Terrier that was very good with kids. He would lay right at the child's side. He slept with my nephews when they visited. He would growl at anyone who he thought might harm the boys. Just like kids dogs have patterns of behavior.

Good dogs for kids can be many breeds. I would never recommend a Pitt Bull or Rottweiler for a family with small children. I have heard too many horror stories. A friend's friend had children who were harmed by a Rottweiler so be careful! You have to make the final decision.

Kids should be involved in choosing a dog. I know many good dog stories that adults have about dogs from their youth. One man in his 70s talks about a dog protecting him as a baby. It was a small dog that slept in front of his crib. Isn't it funny how we can relate to those beautiful four legged friends throughout our lives.

Getting a dog is a commitment and you want to make sure that the dog bonds with you and your kids. Try to bring the dog home for 2 weeks, let the kids know it is a trial. Then you will know if this is a good dog for your family or not.

So what are good dogs for kids? Take time to learn the dog, visit the dog, or puppy and take a test run. Make it a family choice and be patient. Dogs are wonderful but can lead to some problems also. Choosing good dogs for kids isn't just about the breed!

Finding good dogs for kids can be rewarding. As any family decision it should be handled with great consideration. Don't rush into bringing another life aboard until you are comfortable with that choice!

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Good Dogs For Kids?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03