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A dog is a man's best friend. They are extremely loyal and can be great companions for people. They are maybe one of the only animals out there that can't contain their excitement when their owner comes home. They will always make you feel loved, and they are always ready to play. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can always find one that will fit your personality.

The United States alone has over 70 million dogs that are owned and cared for. These dogs, like children, require quite a bit from their owners. They need to be looked after, given food and shelter, and also need to be cleaned up after. Dogs can make some pretty big messes. This could include the dirt they track around the house, the hole they dig in the backyard, or the hair that is left everywhere from shedding. However, the main mess that needs to be taken care of is that of their poop. They can be trained to go to the bathroom on the lawn but at some point you are going to need to go clean that up so that you can still use your yard sometimes and not have it be a sitting outhouse.

The best way to clean up your dog's little messes is to invest in some dog poop bags. Dog poop bags are very inexpensive to buy and they are extremely easy to carry around with you. For less than twenty bucks you can get over 200 dog poop bags. These bags are meant for you to place around your hand and pick up your dog's poop once it has made a mess. These are especially convenient for people who frequently take their dogs on walks and need a way to be able to clean up after them in case of an emergency. This way you can just reach down and pick up the doo doo and you will be done. No more awkward stares from neighbors and blushing from dog owners.

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Dog Poop Bags

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This article was published on 2010/07/09